In Dauphin County, Harrisburg Center

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The Social Rehabilitation programs of Aurora are designed to help our consumers maintain their independence and well-being, through the development of life skill and social supports.  To this end, Aurora provides daily group and individual activities which are both education and recreational and are consumer driven.  These activities include:  support groups on wellness and crisis prevention planning; social skills enhancement and training; guest speakers sharing topics of interest; community and safety information, meal preparation instruction and money management.  Staff interacts with and engage our consumer’s daily, modeling appropriate behavior in conflict management and social interaction, and enlisting consumers input in planning and carrying out activities.  Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Recovery Workshops and small group activities
  • Community Networking
  • Group Support
  • Volunteer Activities

Individual Mental Health Rehabilitation is designed to assist consumers with maintaining and enhancing psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment and or independent living competencies so that they experience more success and satisfaction.  A planned program of goal setting functional assessment, identification of needed and preferred skill and supports, skills teaching and managing supports and resources are designed to produce the desired outcomes consistent with the person’s cultural environments.

Hope Troupe was inspired by a consumer and its mission is to provide education through entertainment.  Helping to Open People’s Eyes, Hope Troupe offers everyone with the understanding and insight into common misconceptions associated with mental illness.

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In Cumberland County: Mechanicsburg/ Perry County: New Bloomfield

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The Mechanicsburg Center is primarily run by consumers in partnership with the Aurora Staff.  It is a peer resource center or self-help Center and a place or choice for consumers. The consumers help to determine the programs.  Social Programs empower consumers to take control of their own recovery and wellness.  Aurora promotes empowerment by allowing consumers to plan activities that they see as useful.  Consumer use the center to seek support from their peers, participate in social activities, seek help in obtaining services and benefits, or simply relax and have fun. Aurora continues to expand its recovery oriented program that are tailored by the administrative staff to meet the recovery needs of consumers.  A trained Peer Support employee assist peers with WRAP development on a regular basis.  The Peer Support attends scheduled training offered by the county and state.  Additionally, consumers participate on a regular basis in CSP programs and county planning sessions.   

IDD Services – (IDD) Socialization and support are key elements of this program that provides services to adult residents of Cumberland/Perry Counties with Intellectual Disabilities. Activities are held twice a month in the evening and on Saturdays.


Social Rehabilitation Services
401 Division Street
Harrisburg, PA